America’s 11th Hour is a Patriot Coalition project focused on educating our fellow Americans on how they are routinely manipulated and conditioned into accepting and supporting agendas that are poison to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

Unless we start “thinking” for ourselves again as individuals, instead of drinking the collectivist koolaid, nothing short of misery, tyranny, and slavery are in our future.

“How many times have you had the unsettling experience of being treated as a troublemaker as soon as you question or raise an objection to a school policy, a textbook, a course of study, a new county regulation, or a community proposal?

Every day, attendees of conferences, community forums, PTA meetings, and board meetings are made to feel uncomfortable and occasionally foolish by the person or persons leading the meeting. The speakers, moderators, or provocateurs—which author B. K. Eakman refers to as professional manipulations—hold power over the room and know how to steer the discussion back to their agendas without ever answering audience questions or addressing their concerns. These people use techniques to ostracize those brave enough to stand and question or criticize them.”

– About “Push Back” by Beverly Eakman, Amazon.com